• We operate 40858 points
    of public street lighting

  • The total length of collectors in the Brno underground
    is more than 21 kilometres

  • We operate 40858 points
    of public street lighting


  • Lighting of monuments
    and important places in the city of Brno

Technical Networks Brno, plc

Our priority is providing services to the Statutory City of Brno. The most important services are managing and securing the public street lighting and festive lighting of the City of Brno as well as managing and ensuring the operation of the underground collector network of the City of Brno.

Project preparation and realization of events in the fields of public street lighting and festive lighting and engineering services during refurbishments in the Brno underground are ensured by the Department of Investments.

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We provide

Street lighting

Street lighting is one of the most important public services. As a significant part of our environment it partakes also in ensuring citizens’ safety.

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A collector is a walk-through underground linear construction serving for placing of pipelines or cable underground utilities.

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Outdoor advertising

Are you looking for new possibilities of outdoor advertising in Brno? Try advertising spaces in street lighting poles and neon advertising signs in Brno.

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Metropolitan network

The Metropolitan Network of the City of Brno forms a communication infrastructure that enables mutual data connectivity of important nodal points of the city.

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Asset management

Assessment of building projects. Opinions and laying down conditions newly built street lighting.

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Investments and planning

Ensuring of all legislative activities related to a renovation of public street lighting and festive lighting.

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Our values


Did you know...

  • Average non-luminosity

    The attained average non-luminosity in the city of Brno equals to 0.47% which is also beyond the common standards; in other comparable cities the average level of non-luminosity ranges between 3% and 4%.


  • Brno is among the most energy-efficient cities in the Czech Republic

    The operation time of the public street lighting is 4,084 hours per year, with a total consumption of about 15,667 MWh/year, with the number of luminaires of about 42,000 and an average power input of 92 W / 1 point of light; this places the statutory city of Brno among the most energy-efficient cities in the Czech Republic.