New logo of Technical Networks Brno, plc

Logo definition

A logo is a symbol and a symbol is a brand which forms an inherent part of a company’s identity. A quality company logo has to meet many requirements. It symbolizes a constant which enables to unequivocally identify a given subject, it has a certain signaling function and it constitutes an important element in all kinds of communication activities.

The logo should therefore be unique, simple, easy to remember and it should be possible to use it on all types of materials ranging from writing papers to for example signs at trade fairs or large format billboards.

The logo is a certain symbol that serves as a visual shortcut and it can become a very good motivational factor. The logo thus has emotional as well as rational functions.

The graphic handbook of our company can be found here (in Czech) (PDF).


The history of our logo


The first logotype of Technical Networks Brno, plc was created in 1998, when the actual public limited company, whose sole owner is the Statutory City of Brno, was established. Throughout its many years of existence, the company has undergone many internal and external changes and it has gradually developed into the current modern and open institution.


Company logo rebranding

A change of the company logo was a consequence and an external manifestation of numerous internal changes that took place within the company and it was only logical, since the logo reflects values that the company upholds. The actual change of the logo reacts to changes of marketing and communication strategies both inside and outside of the company and thus sends an important signal how the company wishes to be perceived by others.

Technical Networks Brno, plc is constantly changing and evolving, just as any other living entity. This development has been very dynamic in the last three years, yet the company does not forget to respect the mission for which it was created by the Statutory City of Brno many years ago. The company is changing into a modern, open and dynamic institution which draws its strength and stability from experience it has gained throughout its existence. The new logo therefore expresses certain dynamism, a shift within the company, but also values that the company as a whole wishes to uphold.



Designing the company logo

When designing the logo we made sure that it is unique, distinct, simple and thus easy to remember. The symbol “T” can be seen not only as a letter but also as a figure – a figure that is firm, stable and trustworthy and at the same time closely surrounded by other signs. These signs represent values which the employees as a whole want to uphold through their behavior and work: communication, efficiency, development, cooperation and quality. The new logo thus becomes a simple and apt symbol which can serve as a visual shortcut and it can also become an important motivation factor (a subliminal reminder of the values the company’s employees uphold). The new logo of Technical Networks Brno, plc also well demonstrates the relation of our company to the Statutory City of Brno which is its owner and establisher.

Logo and a unified visual style

The logo and the unified visual style were created by MgA.Věra Marešová, who is also the author of the logo of the City of Brno and its unified visual style or of the Czech Ministry of Transport. Other logos by this author can be found at: