Free line: 800 100 312

Central control room: 545 424 040
E-mail: dispecink(at)
Data box ID: 55kgizb

The central control room is located in the company headquarters at Barvířská Street No. 5. This is where all the information on any faults or unusual situations concerning the company property is gathered. Our staff in the central control room works at two workplaces; they work nonstop and they monitor the actual operational state of collectors and street lighting on a large-screen display and on computer monitors.

The central control room is equipped with the latest computer technology and software needed for monitoring.

The central control room was established already when the first parts of the primary collector were built and it was necessary to permanently monitor the actual state of the underground utilities stored in the collector, the movement of workers and unusual situations in the collector.

The central control room is also responsible for monitoring the overall public street lighting network of the Statutory City of Brno. It operates nonstop and receives notifications about failures of public street lighting reported by citizens.

Important information is electronically transmitted from the central control room to the head of the Department of Collectors and Department of Public Street Lighting, as well as to night shift workers and service organizations that operatively ensure reparation.

Since September 2009, the central control room is also responsible for supervising the data centre which serves as a server room and data warehouse of the Metropolitan Network of the City of Brno.