Opinions about building projects

Assessment of building projects of other persons or companies (other investors) concerning a future contact with street lighting facilities. Opinions and laying down conditions concerning newly built street lighting (in compliance with the City Standards for Street Lighting of the City of Brno).

During realization and after finishing the works it is necessary to check whether the existing facilities, including the street lighting cabling, were not damaged.


Demarcation of street lighting networks

During any excavation or similar action in an area close to the street lighting it is necessary to perform a demarcation of networks. A technician from the map register will, according to the Land Registry, locate the cabling which is then visibly marked in the required area. 


We have improved our services and made it more efficient by purchasing a new locator. This new locator is characterized by higher accuracy and reliability, which contributes to better map register outcomes.  Another important task is the identification of faults and the subsequent repair of cabling failures.