What is a collector?

A collector is a walk-through underground linear construction serving for placing of pipeline or cable underground utilities. Such placed underground utilities are then easily accessible for routine maintenance and in case of failure or emergency it is not necessary to do excavation works and to disturb the communication surface. According to the type of construction, collectors can be divided into excavated collectors and tunnelled collectors.

Usability of collector network

The usability is directly related to the hitherto applicable Czech Standard ČSN 737505  “Collective routes of urban network of technology equipment”, which sets the conditions for construction and operation of collectors.

According to this standard and to subsequent regulations the following items can be placed into collectors:

  • drinking water pipes
  • hot water pipes
  • steam pipes
  • natural gas and coal gas pipes
  • electrical wiring cables
  • telecommunication cables – metal and optical fibre cables
  • TV cables and Internet cables
  • sewage and rain water pipes

Maintenance of the collector network

The maintenance of the collector network is governed by the Rules and Regulations for Collectors and by subsequent directives which deal with issues pertaining to the operability and safety of collectors.

The maintenance is carried out with respect to the technology and location of the facility, in accordance with technical conditions for its operation.

Maintenance workers also regularly control the aboveground facilities that form an integral part of collectors.  They control the technical state of the installation, as well as its security and the functionality of emergency exits from the collector.


The maintenance of collectors is carried out by workers from the Department of Collectors who are qualified operation electricians and machine fitters. Besides these principal fields of professional qualification, the individual workers are also trained in other professional fields and skills so as to also ensure smooth operation in follow-up activities of the Department. The maintenance consists mainly in ensuring the functionality and secure operation of the actual collector equipment, of air-conditioning systems, pumps and of other facilities and technologies.

Operation of collectors

Technical Networks Brno, plc is responsible for the operation, management and maintenance of the City of Brno collector network. The total length of collectors in the Brno underground exceeds 21 km. Within the territory of the Czech Republic, with the sole exception of Prague, no large scale construction or use of collectors that would have a long-term development strategy or ensured operating conditions for a safe operation was implemented in the 1980s and 1990s.

The implementation of the first part of the primary collectors started in 1973 and since then a progressive construction of primary and subsequently also of secondary collectors is taking place. At present, we manage and operate 7,775 meters of tunnelled primary collectors, 5,106 meters of tunnelled secondary collectors and 8,426 meters of excavated secondary collectors.

Measurement and regulation, as well as the operation of the installed technology and of the actual collector construction are monitored by a control system which evaluates data pertaining to the particular monitored variables such as temperature, presence of gas, surface level in the reservoir, state of servo-drives, state of lighting, motion sensors, opening of doors, etc. All data are being permanently transmitted to the central control room.

Emergency service is available around-the-clock. This service is ensured by a car with standard service equipment and two maintenance servicemen. Emergency service forms an integral part of our services offered to renters, owners or administrators of placed underground utilities.