The construction of collectors and Brno collector network began in 1973.

The construction of collectors and the Brno collector network began in 1973. In this year, the City of Brno introduced a possible concept of solving problems with communications reconstruction and subsequent renovation of underground utilities.

The first master plan of the Brno collector network was created during the commencement of the construction of the first section Dornych – Křenová Street. The construction then proceeded with prolonging this first section in the direction Radlas, Svitavské nábřeží and Tkalcovská and Tatranská Streets. In 1978, this collector network master plan was revised with the aim of creating two collector circuits. One circuit was planned to run around the historic inner city and the other through the area of an industrial zone next to the city centre.

Following the reconstruction of surface communications, the construction of collectors in sections Jugoslávská Street, Cejl, Malinovského Square and Hybešova Street, which formed a part of the circuit around the industrial zone, proceeded as well.

Their construction was finished in 1994 which meant the end of the first phase of the construction of primary collectors.

The construction of the circuit around the historic inner city in sections Mendlovo Square, Špilberk Castle, Moravské Square and Koliště has never begun following the finalization of the first circuit and with respect to the development of collector construction concept will probably never be realized.

Current requirements on the collector constructions prefer the construction of secondary collectors in the historic inner city of Brno.

The construction of secondary collectors was commenced in 1992 according to the new master plan. The secondary collector network is connected to the primary collector network.

In the long-term prospect the construction of collector in section Koliště – Sukova Street is now being prepared. Further planned sections are designed as secondary collectors in the section Česká Street – Solniční Street.