The Metropolitan Network of the City of Brno forms a communication infrastructure that enables mutual data connectivity of important nodal points of the city.

Communication infrastructure of the City of Brno

The basis of the metropolitan network is the connection of particular strategic buildings by means of optical fibre cables. This is a prerequisite for high-speed connection of all users. 

The purpose of the metropolitan network is to create a high-speed communication infrastructure on the basis of TCP/IP protocol that would eventually cover the whole area of the City of Brno. The metropolitan network should have an open character and it should provide high-quality and accessible services of data, digitized images and sound transmission that would be available to the widest possible range of citizens and institutions.

The guarantor of the Metropolitan Network of the City of Brno is the city’s Department of Informatics by the Brno City Municipality. Our company – Technical networks Brno, plc – is responsible for the maintenance and administration of this network and it also partakes in its development.

IT Centre

One of the main activities of the IT centre is an administration and development of geographic information system (hereinafter referred to as GIS). There is information concerning the state of street lighting, collector network, advertising facilities and also the optical lines of the Metropolitan Network of the City of Brno stored in this system.

Data processed in GIS constitute a very important source of information not only for all the other departments of our company but also for the general public of the City of Brno. 

In the field of administration, service and technical supervising of data networks our company provides complete servicing of communication infrastructure of the Information system of the City of Brno, which includes optical fibre and metal cabling, active elements, securing systems, emergency power supply, air-conditioning and other technologies in particular server rooms and data centres of the Brno City Municipality.