The task is providing of all legislative activity concerning the street lighting a festive lighting renovation.

Ensuring of all legislative activities related to a renovation of public street lighting and festive lighting.

Coordination with other companies (communication company Brněnské komunikace, water and sewer company Brněnské vodárny a kanalizace, the Statutory City of Brno, Department of Investments by the Brno City Municipality) forms an integral part of preparation and constructions realizations.  

The Department provides complete project documentations of street lighting units under renovation and provides consultations necessary for the issuance of a zoning permit or a building permit.

The department’s work consists of processing and preparation of project documentations and constructions realizations including investor’s supervision in compliance with the Building Act. This activity is permanently developing depending on legislative amendments.

Our workers participate in trainings and workshops concerning legislation (the Building Act, plots and servitudes, etc.) and in such way keep their level and knowledge of current development in this issue.

This department also provides legislative items for the Department of Street Lighting Maintenance and closely cooperates with its workers on renovation of street lighting units for its modernization and better quality of public services.