A medium intended for short-term commercial campaigns and for advertising cultural and sport events

This product was named after its location which coincides with the horizontal eye level of pedestrians as well as drivers.

The size of the advertising space is A1 (60 x 85 cm).

The minimum campaign length is 5 calendar days.


Price list

The price list for outdoor advertisements can be found here.

Technical solution

It is a metal construction with rounded sides that frame and optically finish the actual advertisement. The graphics is covered with a transparent plastic film which protects the poster against vandals and weather conditions.


• prevents illegal advertising (removal of the so called “hardboard advertising”)
• an esthetic element which protects the graphics against weather conditions
• uses printed posters, which means cheap advertising

Department of Advertising – Contact

545 424 060 – manager
545 424 069 – sales officer
545 424 051 – biller advertisement

E-mail: reklama(at)tsb.cz

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