City information and orientation system

It is used for indicating streets and municipal as well as commercial points of interest in cities and municipalities.

The information and orientation system comprises of: 

• project design, manufacturing, delivery, installation and on-the-spot administration
• street signposts and indication of municipal points of interest
• commercial points of interest only in the following city districts: Žabovřesky, Černovice, Slatina, Lesná


Price list

The price list for outdoor advertisements can be found here.

Technical solution

An aluminium construction, dimensions 100 x 200 cm

Advantages: local navigation mainly for drivers and pedestrians

Disadvantages: the size does not allow for placing more information

Department of Advertising – Contact

545 424 060 – manager
545 424 069 – sales officer
545 424 051 – biller advertisement

E-mail: reklama(at)

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