Our company operates the total of 40,858 light points and 524 light points of festive lighting

Our company operates the total of 40,858 light points; out of this number 40,334   light points are street lighting and 524 light points are festive lighting of cultural monuments and important buildings in the City of Brno. The energy consumption for street lighting and festive lighting is ca. 15.6 GWh per year.

The average input power under 100 W/ 1 point of light, in our case 92 W / 1 point of light, places the Statutory City of Brno among the most energy saving cities in the Czech Republic. In 2016, the average rate of non-luminosity in the City of Brno was ca. 0.47% which is also above standards; in some other comparable cities the average rate of non-luminosity ranges from 3% to 4%.

The street lighting operation time is 4,084 hours per year, the total energy consumption being ca. 15,667 MWh per year. At present our company is preparing a reconstruction of the oldest parts of the City of Brno street lighting – the exchange of poles and cabling.

In 2014 the measurement of corrosion and static stability of poles and pylons was performed within the regular maintenance of the street lighting by means of the “Roch method”. Based on these measurements and as a result of insured events 90 street lighting poles were exchanged. During the regular maintenance of the street lighting 1,110 light sources (discharge lamps) were exchanged in order to reach the required rate of non-luminosity.

Preventive checkups in 60 areas of power-on switchboards, in ca. 5,359 poles of street lighting were performed in order to improve the state of the street lighting distribution network and in 60 areas periodic revisions of power-on switchboards were also ensured.

Furthermore, 25,710 meters of cabling, 696 corroded street lighting poles and 25 fuse (expansion) switchboards were changed in 2014 within the renovation of the public street lighting. A significant part of this renovation in individual city districts was done in cooperation with the communication company Brněnské komunikace and sewer and water company Brněnské vodárny a kanalizace. The renovation comprised of 45 building sites distributed throughout the individual locations.